Sunday, November 12, 2006

The kindness of a forum friend

I ran a sock swap on the forum, which finished a couple of weeks back. I did enjoy it but it did have its stressfull moments, and one pair of socks is still to be sent after the swapper in question decided she couldnt be bothered!! I have a donated pair awaiting posting along with a couple of extras for the very patient and understanding recipient.
Back to the purpose of this post though. One of the members, Jadeandchrissy was a complete sweetheart and sent me a message of thanks and also a squishy package. So this is a public thanks for your kindness as you didnt have to but it was lovely of you and the squishy stuff is beautiful as can be seen from the photo....I have already cast on and they are going to be very pretty socks indeed!!!


Blogger Christina said...

Lucky you, that yarn is gorgeous, which sock pattern are you doing?

10:41 am  
Blogger Bronte said...

You deserved it. :-) (The present, I mean, not the hassle!)

9:58 am  

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