Monday, September 25, 2006


What is wrong with me!! I have suddenly ended up with several wips, and how do I feel...not in the least bit inclinded to do any of them. I have several pairs of socks (one pair are the swap ones so I really should be getting on with them) a pair of knucks for me which look good and a pair of mitts in some very yummy twilleys freedom spirit. I think its maybe a case of too much going on...also they are all easyish knits, I think I need to stretch the old brain a little but we go away on our hols in just over a week so I cant cast on anything big.

Tonight will be dedicated to much cursing and fowl mood while I force myself to finish a few things, maybe that will help.....then again.........


Blogger Mick said...

fowl mood, do you have chickens in the house then ;)

my second slip up sock is still languishing, as is my clapotis and my kimono shawl :O

9:22 pm  

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