Sunday, August 06, 2006

The things you learn....

Now I have been a member of a knitting forum for quite some time now, and feel I have a fantastic group of friends there. I am sure most people think, how much can you say about knitting, well thats not all we talk about. For instance, the subject of the mooncup came up and I thought what on earth is that?! Turns out it is a healthy environmentally friendly alternative (now there is a mouthfull first thing in the morning) to tampons, so as so many people were saying just how fab it was I bought one and all I can say is thank you friends it is amazing, now for the pads to arrive and I will be my very own little peace of save the planet!

Also as requested....just for you badger, the socks...which just dont look so loud in the piccy typically! They are a lot more so in the wool ;)


Blogger Mick said...

Love the colour of those socks, what is it?

10:01 am  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

its fyberspates I cant find the colour though, I bought it from ali so I will need to ask her :)

11:24 am  
Blogger Mick said...

I had some in the mohair, I think it's marie, or something like that. not that I'm sad and know all the sock colours, or anything ;)

1:01 pm  
Blogger Helen said...

So no picture of the mooncup then? Only kidding ;)

Cool socks!

4:48 pm  
Blogger nanatoo said...

Lovely socks. Can't get too bright for me :)

I'm knitnurse on AY btw *waves* Too many id's!

8:13 pm  
Blogger pictish said...

Can't remember the colour either but it looks much more muted knitted up than in the hank - REALLY nice!!

7:03 pm  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

its a weird one ali, it looks very green on the hank, then when you knit it up you get stripes of green and pinky purple and huge stripes of blue..very odd but in a good way :)

11:06 am  
Blogger Badger said...

Very nice, thankyou!

And thanks for not sharing the mooncup too ;)

6:59 pm  

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