Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well at the grand old hour of 8am I am already at my wits end with my darling children who are at this moment ripping pieces off each other, whoever the genius who decided summer holls should be 6+ weeks long this is a message to say right now I HATE YOU!! LOL Hubby has already said on his next day off I can go off for the day bless his heart he is such a sweetheart and it really is much needed. Otherwise I may just run away and join the circus.

On a knitty note if I can get any peace today which is doubtfull I will be cracking on with clapotis, I have finished the first set of repeats and I am ready to start the straight section. I love it already!!

Also here is a link to Clapotis and to Hedera OOOH thanks Aunty noo I feel all clever and posh now ;)


Blogger Auntie Noo said...

and posh you are my dear!!!!

Well done!

Must be time the kids washed the car for a quid or something mustn't it????!!!!!

9:57 am  
Blogger Badger said...

My kids are a seconds away from finding themselves dumped outside with a tent to live in for the rest of the summer. Children + hot weather + trying to knit = impossible. Meh.

2:50 pm  
Blogger DianeM said...

We only get 4 1/2 weeks for summer and we have to fit Christmas in. It seems like we're back at school in no time - I need longer to recover at the end of each year!!!

Maybe teachers lobbied for your long holidays :-)

(Ones that don't have kids of their own)

7:53 am  

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