Sunday, October 22, 2006

Twilleys short Tank top

I am AT LAST knitting my much coveted Twilleys Freedom Spirit, colour Air into a rather lovely tank top from the accompanying book. I am amazed how quickly it knits up and I love how it looks, the back is complete and I am making good progress on the front too so it shouldn't be all that long that long until I am wearing the first big knit I have made in a long while. HOORAH

Here is a quick peep at the back to let you see how the colours look knitted up, I think it looks like a very clever fairisle without all the headache and hard work. ;)


Blogger Mick said...

wow, that's looking gorgeous, great colours. if you have a look on my blog, diane from colinette is wearing the wrap cardigan from the book in the exact same colour - I want one!!!!!!

11:11 am  

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