Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yarn news, shop update

Some more yans have gone in, some nice brights to cheer up the gloomy days we are all having and some DK which is so so soft and squishy its really lovely!!

ARWENS CLOAK: you know the lovely outfit she wears thats almost translucent? As soon as I saw this colourway I thought of that very outfit, so pretty.

PINKY AND PERKY: This is such a fun shaded colour of hot pink, theres a little bit of violet on there that wasnt meant, so I have reduced this one, its a very subtle mark and wont affect the yarn too much at all.

RASPBERRY RIPPLE CHOC: nuff said really ;)

MAGNIFICENT OZ: come on sing up folks!! "we are off to see the wizard............."

IMPERIAL ROBES: This is the DK, so so soft and will be lovely knit up, it would be lovely used for kids knits...or adults for that, theres four of the same dyelot and 225yrds per 100g

This yarn has been kettle dyed so they are all the same dyelot BUT each skein is unique in its mottled affect of dark and light, when working with it I would recomend knitting with two skeins knit alternatly every few rows.


Blogger Soo said...

Lovely yarn as always.

And lucky me, I arrived back at work today from a few days off (that's not the lucky bit) and waiting for me on my desk was this month's gorgeous purple sock club yarn! Yippeeeee!

1:43 pm  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

oh so so glad you like it (tempted to dye one up for me LOL)

1:58 pm  
Blogger Aberdonian said...

You evil, evil temptress! Oz is really gorgeous! I will resist though. I haven't finished balling up Hobbiton Garden and I need the ball ready for Saturday. Maybe I should have invested in a ball winder rather than a nostepinne. *strokes chin then strokes yarn*

4:26 pm  

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