Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Animal pics and more woolly tales

As promised here are the other woolfest piccies. I saw alpaca, llama, sheepies and cute angora bunnies....man are they fluffy!!

looks its a slipper with ears!! I would hate to have to try and keep this bunny clean and knot free.
Its a llama, I think they are prettier than the alpaca, lovely markings.

Now, for the alpaca, cute with a huge does of cheeky misschief in their faces, you just know they are up to something!

I wanted to mention some of the other stalls too, I had a good browse of the Natura dye studio, their yarns are so lovely but too pale for me, maybe if I have some gift knitting to do I will give in and get some.

I also visited the Yarn Yard, they were mobbed, so many people there all day on saturday so nice to see a man in a kilt too, nice to see he was keeping the side up and a kilt never does the curiousity factor any harm ;)

I also had a snoop at Brightdyes, again she was so so busy it was hard to get in for a proper squeeze!!

Next to her was Celdry Yarner, she had some ace original stuff, the felted soaps were such a cool idea.

all in all, I had a fabby day, I will deffo be back, the day left me feeling so pleased to see so many aspects of crafts there, no two stalls were the same and there was a vast diversity of products, a great example of just how much choice there is out there!


Blogger jadeandchrissy said...

I am gutted that I missed you it would have been lovely to finally meet you, but it was a bit manic at times, well worth it though, and those bunnies were adorable

1:26 pm  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

Next time for sure chrissy as this deffo wont be the last time I go, I loved it! did you see the musk ox yarn.....£30 for 50g GULP

6:15 pm  
Blogger jadeandchrissy said...

how much!!!!! would want it to knit itself for that amount. I only just had enough time to quickly look around, no shopping time at all.
I am planning on being there again next year so you must say hello.

6:51 pm  

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