Saturday, January 12, 2008

Its never too late to say thank you.

Well, its all over. All that worry and fuss and rushing around like life depends on it. It all comes together into one perfect Christmas day with happy smiling faces, family, laughter and food that's just too good! We had a lovely slow paced relaxing Christmas here, the kids had a wonderful time and us big kids didn't have all that bad a time either.

I was very lucky this year to receive some wonderful gifts from friends and family alike. Our family try very hard to get something that will either be useful or will be cherished and loved and this year I think they outdid themselves! Mum got us a fantastic picture of the four of us printed onto a large canvas. It now has pride of place on the once bare wall of our living room, I cant help but smile when I look at it, as I take the majority of pictures in the household its a very rare thing t have a nice family shot. This one was taken the day of mums wedding and is a lovely natural shot of us. Thank you so much mum and co! Dad and his wife gave me a very special necklace with two hearts on it, its so pretty and its been such a long time since I had a special and pretty piece of jewelry, I haven't taken it off since I put it on Christmas day, I love it and it will be cherished! The lovely better half of me bought me an Ipod classic, which is an amazing piece of kit, I don't think I can ever fill it, the capacity on it is just crazy huge, i can play music AND dvds on it, I love it and it goes everywhere with me now.

As for friends, what can I say, you girls spoiled me rotten. Tess sent me yarn, its so so yummy and I cant wait to use it. Kate sent me sockies in a lovely Teal colour,you know me to well Mrs ;) and they kept my feet warm on holiday which was such a relief. Kai sent me a lovely neck warmer again, nice sea like shades. Diane sent me socks too in denim blues in STR! A yarn I haven't tried as yet and now of course I don't have to rush to seeing as I have my very own STR sockies!! Thank you so much girls, I feel like I haven't been able to spoil you back as much as I would like, Diane yours is in the post honey, I didn't want to send it while you were away and then of course I was away! Tess, yours is in the post too. I promise knitted gifts for all your birthdays this year, you can hold me to that ok!! I really cant thank you enough girls *SMOOCH*

Don't think I am forgetting piccies, I thought I would save that bit for last ;) here they all are in all their glory!

Kate's Glorious sockies, they fit like a dream, she has some sort of voodoo sense to get them to fit so perfectly without seeing my feet!

Diane's amazing soft snugly socks, these are my official sit n knit with feet up socks!

Kai's neck warmer, this is so pretty it will be saved for those occasions when I am going somewhere nice with the Mr.

My super fab Ipod classic.

Here's to a great new year ahead of us all folks!


Blogger Emily said...

How lucky are you! All of those knitted gifts look fabulous. ;)

3:04 pm  
Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

Happy new year! Lovely socks and pressies you got!

8:23 am  
Anonymous Diane said...

Wheee! More Christmas - just when I thought it was all over :-)

Happy new year hun! xx

10:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, look at the pretties. Mmmm.

Happy New Year yay!

3:07 pm  

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