Monday, January 22, 2007

And now for something completely different.........

We interupt the usual program to bring you something so random your head may spin. I do apologise but knitting is kinda well not happing but I feel a need to blog.

Saturday was a child free shopping day...a rare occurance and much needed. Having no men folks in tow I took advantage of it and took the time to get fitted for a bra, something I havent done since I was in my teens. Yes I know thats very naughty, even more so now after I had some very shocking news. For as long as I can remember I have worn a 36B so you can imagine my horror to be told that I should be wearing a 30E. Just a little off then perhaps!!!!

New bras are ordered and I look forward to a perky set very soon. So look out world here comes a new me.

Please excuse me as I go have a lie down in a dark room..............


Blogger Bronte said...

Get you, Chesty la Rue! :-)

Does this mean we will soon be seeing knitted bikini tops?!

9:46 pm  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

and show off my post babies tummy I think not LOL...those were the days :(

10:36 pm  
Blogger Kai said...

how about low cleavage tops that cover the belly??!!


good on you for going to get fitted. i still haven't been back since i was in my teens... the woman that i went to that time scared the living daylights out of me.. never again.

10:15 am  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

gone are the days of the musty smelling old lady with scary glasses, the girl was probs younger than me and very sweet and kind, dont be scared and its so worth it, what a difference to me boobies LOL

1:43 pm  

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