Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A very knitty christmas

I was a very lucky knitter this year, my friends were very good to me and my stash increased in the nicest of ways!!! Mum also bought me two kits from Kim Hargreaves, Soul and Shimmer and they are simply stunning!! I have started the soul hat already.


Blogger Bronte said...

Knitting Vintage Socks is a lovely book and makes using plain sock yarn much more interesting! You were a spoilt little wizard, weren't you!

2:08 pm  
Blogger Christina said...

ooo, what nice presents.

How do you change the header at the top of your blog then, cos I want a picture on mine now!! It looks great btw ;)

2:57 pm  
Blogger Jacqui said...

where did the template for this lovely new bloggy come from please?

3:03 pm  
Blogger Jacqui said...

PS great stash too btw :o)

3:03 pm  
Blogger Kai said...

nice pressies!! :)

and i love the look of the blog.. suits you missus!

1:02 pm  

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