Thursday, March 20, 2008

There has been knitting

Its really busy busy here at the moment. Its a disease that seems to have afflicted a lot of friends and family since christmas and not just me. Its not a bad thing to be busy, it is a bad thing to not get any time for yourself however and I am insisting that I MAKE time for things I enjoy. As a mum a lot of my time is spent doing stuff for and with the kiddies, and doing things for and with the big kid of the house who is also very busy too! He is also begining to understand the concept of personal time and now goes most sundays to play snooker with his new friends which brings me such joy. He found it hard moving to a place where he only knew me and really has spent the best part of a decade shying away from making friends here, now however he has and I see it as a huge positive for him.

My me time is of course quite often, knitting time. The brain aint up to anything too advanced right now, that will hopefully not be the case in a month or two but for now I need nice simple yet very satisfying knitting.

I knit Kate some mitts for her birthday and I am so happy to see she likes them (or I may have had to take them back heheee because I liked them too!!!) They are my own pattern and I am working on a second pair now to iron out the pattern and then I will make it available to buy. You can get a lookie over on Kate's blog, I forgot to take any pictures before I sent them off! Stupid girl!!!

I am knitting Lizard Ridge too, this winter as we all know has been disgustingly cold wet and just plain miserable. This all leads to us NEEDING this to be listening dearest....I HAD to buy that noro...HAD TO! Actually I got it for a complete bargain price and have been able to get enough to make this at a fraction of the usual price. In fact it was such a bargain I got silk garden instead of kueryon as it was just as cheap.

Its coming along nicely, its a great mindless knit, I only have to think once every five rows which is great. But ask me how its going in a few days when its getting heavy to turn on the wrap rows.

I also have a sock on the go. This is a special sock due to the yarn though. Its some very pretty and soft handspun from Zero markers over on etsy. She sells lovely markers made from fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and paper beads wrapped in wire, they are lovely markers and she is a complete star! She also sells some of her handspun from time to time too and I have been desperate to try it out for ages after watching her making socks on her blog. So by complete chance I was playing with the pounce feature on etsy and up popped her shop and there was the yarn and I HAD to have it. I wasn't disappointed. Its knitting up into gentle stripes and feels amazing, I cant wait to finish a sock and try it on. You can read about her spinning and knitting over at Sock Pron (blog link in my blogs I read list to the right)


Blogger Kai said...

Ohh your Lizard Ridge is looking lovely and that sock looks so scumptious! Hope it all settles down soon for you, honey.

10:07 am  
Blogger Bertha said...

I got some of Aija's handspun too in her last update! I can't wait to knit with it! I love how your socks are turning out!

1:49 pm  
Blogger Janice said...

Like your Lizard Ridge :-D and I want those socks, that one is looking lovely so far.

9:33 pm  
Blogger Emily said...

Good luck with the LR blanket. I'm knitting it too right now. The best tutorial I used for learning short rows was through the Knit Picks site. If you can't find it, let me know. After the first square, it's a piece of cake. :)

8:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Lizard Ridge is a gooooorgeous colourway. *pets it*

1:00 am  

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