Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hospital update

I know this isnt my usual content but I am finding this is helping just to write it out here. Firstly thanks to all of you who posted a hug, it really means a lot and is really appreciated.

John is still in the hospital, they have done lots of tests but so far havent given any answers, something isnt quite right as they wont let him home. We are hoping he will have a scan tomorrow but thats not a definate yet....not what he wanted to hear, John hates being stuck anywhere even if its for his own good. They were doing his checks just before I left tonight and I could see his blood oxygen level is low, ot flashed up on the monitor, I dont know what that could point to but I know it ties in with the things he has been feeling.

Last night I did feel worried but I cant have taken it all in fully though until coming home tonight and I got a bit weepy in the car. The worst bit is having to come home and leave him there, that and sitting waiting in the mornings to be able to go in and see him.

I really hope tomorrow will be the day we hear some answers to stuff.

I promise, normal programming will resume here soon ;) thanks again for the hugs folks xx

Monday, August 25, 2008

When life gives you a slap

Its late and a school night but I dont feel much like sleeping. John came home from work complaining about pain in his chest and left arm, so off to the docs he went, it was very late on for the surgery, about 15mins before closing but an hour went by and I heard nothing, then two...... I knew they must have sent him to the hospital, eventually the phone goes and its an A&E nurse to let me know he is there and I am to phone back in an hour to see if they are keeping him in, so I do, and they are.

I am just back having gone to see him, he looks ok, they have him hooked to machines, the doc says there are some abnormalities with his heartbeat and then tells us that he will talk to John in the morning about it, I hate when they say that and then expect you to relax and not worry! They heard a murmour too, aparently thats not that uncommon, John is a very very fit healthy man too which I think worries me more. I hope its nothing and just one of those things, this man is the other half of me! Coming away and leaving him there tonight wasnt nice, he looks relaxed enough but I just want to be there giving him a hug!! He says they called an ambulance for him at the health center and that he asked them to call me, he was pretty upset they hadnt but I am not all that surprised really.

These things really make you remember whats important. John is my world, theres a high chance hes completely fine but even the threat that something isnt right really scares you.

I love you honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx