Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rest of piccies

ok here are the other piccies that blogger simply refused to post yesterday much to my annoyance and causing just a slight headache and grumpy Miss!!!! So here is a piccy of the very nice stitch markers made by Bronte, and also of all the pressies in a pile, cases to the bottom and left side, the pattern is a free one for a scarf with one skien of lion and lamb, and lastly the Lornas laces lion and lamb abd sock wool in black purl.
I have started the second clapotis in this now and it feels lovely but amazingly heavy and I am only on repeat one of the straight section but its looking lovely and I must have it ready before my holiday in a month.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Birthday Treats

What can I say this has been the bestest birfday ever ever ever!! For the first time in years I have been able to treat myself to things I really want. Firstly I bought me some Lornas laces lion and lamb and also sock weight in Black purl ( tribute to POC!!) and its so nice I am so glad I did, I am already knitting it up!! also I bought myself some needle cases from a lovely american lady and they came within 3days...amazing. Now you would think I would stop there but my family gave me £40 to spend so off I trotted to angel yarns and did just that, I bought some AY silk which I have been told is devine and also I bought the Twilleys freedom spirit book and 5 balls of the yarn to go with it. I also bought a ball of Rowan wool cotton to make Knucks which I will customise too ;). My friends on the forum have been so sweet too, Belaybunny sent me two hanks of colinette lasso for making a top I have been drooling over for quite some time, thank you sweetie xx and Hectorshouse sent me a pirate panda pattern which I am now seeking oddments for to make as he is seriously cute and shall be called Jack LOL!! Also the lovely Bronte kindly made me some more stitch markers which I love, shes a total start and Tess as well as doing me a deal is sending me some BB needles, big chunky 20mm ones which I cant wait to see!!! What more could a knitty nutter ask for.
Lastly can I give a wee shout to Badger, we miss you loads hun and I hope to see you soon xxxxx

Monday, August 14, 2006

So Nervous

Wow I really cant remember the last time I felt like this!! I think it would be at school actually, maybe before and exam or when I was running an important race. I am meeting with a lady today who wants to talk to me about my textiles!! She is a total darling and really nice so I shouldnt be so worried, but I have been in mummy land for the past six years and this feels all very real big wide world! I will be sure to have a big cup of extra strong coffee and a huge bit of cake to help calm me. Will also update later and tell all about what has been said. EEEKKKK

Thursday, August 10, 2006

what the?!! is that

yes I can here you all asking...well my friends this is a super special extra spiffy clever sock blocker :D many thanks go to Bronte for giving me the link to how, and for giving me such an extra special pair of blocked socks to make me want one of these in the first place ;)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The things you learn....

Now I have been a member of a knitting forum for quite some time now, and feel I have a fantastic group of friends there. I am sure most people think, how much can you say about knitting, well thats not all we talk about. For instance, the subject of the mooncup came up and I thought what on earth is that?! Turns out it is a healthy environmentally friendly alternative (now there is a mouthfull first thing in the morning) to tampons, so as so many people were saying just how fab it was I bought one and all I can say is thank you friends it is amazing, now for the pads to arrive and I will be my very own little peace of save the planet!

Also as requested....just for you badger, the socks...which just dont look so loud in the piccy typically! They are a lot more so in the wool ;)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Feeling bad

OH has just left for the weekend to go running, he had asked us to go but I said no, now he is gone I feel really bad, but it makes for a pretty stressed weekend for me. The kids are still too young to be able to sit for any great length of time so I feel like I spend my whole time telling them off or chasing them around, not fun. Maybe next year it will be easier. Its also means I am just a tad stranded too! We only have one car perhaps a call to my mum will be called for later....I need to go to the shop for essentials later such as a bottle of wine and choccy too.

No knitty pictures today, although I have two things on the go, a top in colinette tagliatelli, and a sock in fyberspates which is LOUD but rather nice :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thanks guys thats a WRAP!

Clapotis is now finished and I am so pleased with it :) it has a lovely drape in the SWT Oasis and feels so special, I know it will be worn a lot.!! But now that means a new project...oh what to do, well actually I already know ;) Its the fibretrends lanscape shawl, which means I AT LAST have a use for some lovely soft Jaeger matchmaker 4ply I bought from a friend a long time ago. This shawl will make a great sofa snuggler for myself and no doubt the rest of the crew over the winter in our creeky drafty cottage.
Ha! You thought I wasnt going to share pictures of the Clapotis didnt you....thought I would make you wait MWHAHAHAHAHAA! Here it is in all its glory
as a scarf and as a wrap

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Clapotis Batman

Well as if your not bored of hearing this I am motoring on now, at this rate I should be finished in about a day or two, I am on the eighth rep of the third section now and its really starting to take shape, I cannot wait to have it off the needles and blocking ready to be worn! I have also already put an order in for some lornas laces in jeans colourway for my birthday treat :-D not something I could afford any day but I will ask my mum nicely (read as beg her pitifully) to go halfers on it with me

anyway here is a progress piccy