Thursday, September 27, 2007

LIL sale on

I have marked (no pun intended honest) some of the semi precious stone stitch markers down to just a tiny bit over half price. They are very pretty indeed and would make a lovely gift for knitter friends or rellies, and now at a total bargain price too!

Monday, September 24, 2007

New yummy yarns

I have just recieved a package of new yarns!! I am very excited, they look great and I cant wait to get dyeing!

They are merino tencel 4ply, and alpaca/merino 4ply, both look stunning, if anyody wants any dyed to order please let me know now and I can do those first. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Club yarns ahoy!

PPHHEWWW all the yarns are dyed and being packaged up, its just the UK ones, the overseas ones have gone out already as some of them have to travel halfway round the world which is so exciting for me!!

I hope you like this yarn, its a new technique that a lovely friend let me in on that I have used and gives a new affect. Each skien comes out very individual and unique, the same colours are used in the same order but how they dye is all down to the wizardy magic ;) As promised theres a lord of the rings theme, hopefully you will see what I am meaning but take heart non lords lovers its still going to appeal if you arent a fan I hope! The theme will continue through this run of the club.

I have also been busy in the shop, with lots o the favourites and a new batch of semi-solid and solid colours and I will be working on some brand new autumn inspired colours of the next while too so keep checking back.

Can I just say a huge thanks alsoto people who have been supporting the shop, some of you quite regularily, I started out on this very nervously, not even sure if it would be a hit, so to know so many of you are liking the yarns I am very pleased indeed!




Friday, September 14, 2007

Daily chum!

Wow! The shop has bee featured over at lime and violets daily chum head over and have a snoop, also as it says there, anybody who buys from visiting there and convos me with the code gets 10% off!!!

I am very excited by this, having something like this happen makes the shop feel more real, not that it isnt but there are times i think I cant believe I am doing it but this really means I am hehee

thank you very much to the LnV team xxxxx

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Worsted weight now in stock

Granted only a little of it for now as a tester to see if people will like it. I will be offering it in 100g skiens, priced at £10 I am dyeing up some tonight, some Captain jack, bubblegum and offshore, I will be dyeing enough of each to make clapotis and I think this yarn would be perfect for it, so much so I think I will be keeping some for myself to make one in it ;) You would need 4 skiens to make it which makes this yarn £30 cheaper than the yarn used in the pattern but in my humble opinion, its as soft a yarn with the added bonus of perhaps being a little more robust.

If anybody wants some then do shout if you want me to put you some aside

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big big updates!

Theres going to be some bumper updates in the shop over the next few days, infact its already started!! I had an order of louet arrive and I have started dyeing up some of the popular colours, I have already added two 100g skiens in each of bubblegum, offshore, tiger feet and there will be some Captain Jack available soon too!!

I also got some worsted weight louet too, theres not a lot of it but I have about 2kg of it, and oh my GOODNESS is it lovely stuff, it would be perfect for a clapotis I think, I will be charging £9 per 100g of it so if you would like some dyed up get your custom orders to me soon :)

heres some yarn p*rn to keep you going too!

Aye Aye Captain ;)