Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Branching out complete

Oh how I love this scarf, it will be lovely to wear in the spring summer, I cant stop touching it!! This was my first experience with blocking, and although not perfect the end result is nice, I am sure with practice I will get better at blocking and I understand its importance now, it is very satisfying to witness the birth of a garment, and thats really what blocking felt like! so here is the finished item YUMMY

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When will I learn.....

Oh I dunno as if I dont have enough on the needle already, what do I do....I ask my forum chums what they would do with 100G of silk. Now after trying to steal it they gave me some lovely ideas, one of which was "Branching out scarf". Of course I got all over excited and before I know it, I have cast on and started.
Well needless to say I love it, its a great pattern and really lovely yarn, I dont think this will be the last Branching out I make, nor the last lace scarf...I see another obsession starting, are there rules about not wearing more than one scarf at a time

Friday, March 10, 2006

The finished items

Well at last, I actually finished these several days ago but have been too lazy to take a piccy and post, but I put them on and thought I had to post them. Now you may well think what a twit your socks dont match. This isnt a mistake its totally on purpose, I like that they dont match and it also seems such a waste to me to pull a huge portion of yarn through to get them to match, having them slightly different gives them more character IMHO.
I didnt think I would like the ladybird as its kind of pink, but I love them and hope to get a slightly shorter pair out of the remainder of the ball. (what ugly feet I have though...think I may just photo the socks off the feet next time LOL)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

say hello to my wips

As I said I would, here are some pictures of my wips, there are a few! Firstly, meet my ladybird socks, these are my third pair of socks and I really enjoy making these, notice my neat gusset, am very proud! As soon as these are finished I have orders for some mini size socks for my sons and a GIANT pair for my man, who makes jokes about my knitting all the time and yet suddenly wants socks...funny that ;)

ooooohh nice gusset!

This is my ellan shawl, I am a bit further on now and process is slow, there are about 300sts to a row and I can only do a few rows before I feel my brain going numb, I really must finish it as my wants list is ever increasing and this should look lovely once complete.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hopefully the first of many

Wow, this is my first blog entry, how exciting! I am afraid this is another knitting blog, yes we are taking over! mwahahahaaaaaa

I am currently working on quite a few wips at the moment, no.2 of a pair of socks, an ellan shawl, a hat, and well anything else I take a fancy to, pictures will follow soon I promise