Saturday, June 30, 2007

10kilos of yarn oh MY!

My first big batch of undyed yarn arrived, its YUMMY so soft and squishable, so if anybody out there wants anything custom dyed nows a very good time to ask for it :) I have loadsa 4ply and about 2kilo of dk

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sock club yarn

Well I think you all have your yarn now, having heard from the US lady who joined to say hers has arrived so I can post a piccy or two up knowing I am not spoiling anything!

This first lot is the variagated and to say i was nervous would be the biggest understatement EVER.... I am not much of a greens person but to only dye colours I myself love would be seriously selfish and very short-sighted dont you think? So this meant sending it out I worried quite a bit about whether you would like it.

I want to thank the people who have taken the time to let me know what they think of it and I feel very pleased knowing you like the yarn.
My undyed yarn order arrived today, its my very first big order and I was so excited to see it arrive, so I will be deciding between striped or solid for your next batch and dyeing it up very very soon so I am ready ahead of time and can relax!
till next month, enjoy your yarn clubbers xxxx

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blocked and bootiful

I really had forotten just how much blocking helps the drape of a shawl, and boy did it grow too, i actually struggled for space to block this out!

Theres always one commoner who wants to be in there getting their picture taken with her majesty isnt there!

No photo shoot would be complete without a close up, the shells look amazing now thats its blocked, they open up so nicely.

This whole project was such a joy, the yarn, the pattern, everything LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Queen of the waves FO

Now some of you may need to take a wee seat as this could come as quite a shock....Its a knitting FO and a big one at that!!! I got the pattern a few weeks ago I was shown it on the angels forum and totally fell in love with it, its a stunning shawl and so different to the usual shawls you see.

I recieved the yarn from my secret santa pal and instantly cast on, after that follows FOUR restarts, now when your casting on almost 400sts thats not funny but I was determined to make it. The pattern had a few minor errors but Ilga is a complete sweetheart and got back to any quearies within hours, th women is a complete darling!!

I learned a few new techniques along the way too, firstly the shawl is knit from the base up, some people find this quite mentally hard as your starting with a huge number of sts, I didnt really mind that at all. Also the stitch patterns were all new too and the cast off was the three needle bind off, again new but a lovely easy cast off, personally I prefered the whole process to any shawls I have knit before, I hate the fiddly start to a top down shawl i really really hate it, thats never a good start ;)

anyhoo enough witter, here are a few piccies, this is preblocking, I will get some modeled ones once its dry tomorrow

Saturday, June 23, 2007

10% off summer celebration

As a wee salute to the supposed start to summer I am offering 10% off today on all my yarns, this is off yarn not postage ;) but if you want a yarn, buy but dont pay and I will send you a new invoice :)

sale will end 9am GMT tomorrow

Thursday, June 21, 2007

All club yarns posted

Just back from the post office, all parcels are now on their way

stand by your posties ladies ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clubbers stand by!!!

Well sock clubbers, yarns dyed, packed up and ready to post, only a few days now!!! This is te scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done EVER!!!

The international parcels went off today to ensure you get them around the same time.

I have added some more to the shop too, both merino yarns, one of which is luxury

COSMOS send your feet to the stars!!

FRUIT SMOOTHIE yummy scrummy

Friday, June 15, 2007

New colours added

There are some new colours up in the shop, I will show you a few pictures in a bit. I have also upgraded all my pictures in the shop, I think they look so much better now. Big thanks goes to my mum who let me use her camera to get better pictures of them all!!!

I hope in the next few days to get some of the merino dyed up to, the weather is not playing nice which is making drying very hard indeed so please send sunny vibes here if you can spare any at all!!!

Also for you club members, the first batch is dyed up and almost ready to go, I need to parcel up etc I am so so nervous and excited about this, nervous as I so want this to work out and for you all to be excited about the yarn.

Ok here are the pictures

this is flowing river and I still dont know if i want to sell it I really love it ;)

I am sure you recognise this beauty!!! Its Foamy seas, another one i is blue afterall

this is floral, I was very pleased with the red in this one and i think its a nice summery addition

this is circus tent, I love this, so bright and fun, i think it will make great socks or really fab baby booties hats etc!!

My coffee swap parcel

Wow I have been so so spoiled, Kathy thank you so so so much!! I recieved a very heavy feeling box today which I tore open ;)
inside was a fantastic box of delights, The coffee is called Highland grogg which I think is just an amazing name I love it....will I ever want to drink it or just keep it forever ;) four biscotti which I am sure wont last long, a scented soy candle which smells amazing I need to see if I can buy these over here, a pretty flower and a GORGEOUS sock yarn the colours are fantastic, also a journal which I think I will use to keep note of my yarn colour recipes!! Also two skiens of the prettiest handspun (by my swap partner) yarn in a denimy mix, again so so me
Kathy thank you so so much xxxx

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sock P*rn and new yummy yarn

OOOH what a good post day its been. I swapped with a lovely man he sent me some german sock yarn that is just to DIE for, its got a great feel and the colours blew me away! I said surprise me and well it was the nicest surprise I have ever had, its a lovely mix or rusts and teals just BEAUTIFUL stuff.

I wish I could take better pictures, I need a new camera I think to do pieces of yarn art such as this justice!!!!

Thanks very much V xx

I also recieved the first batch of two wholesale orders which is just so exciting for me, this stuff is luxery 100% merino from america, its superwash too, what more could you ask for ;) I have a few kilos of fingering and one kilo of light sportweight. Tonight I will be dyeing it up but I though you might like a piccy of it all nekkid first ;)

Both pictures are of the light sport weight, I am really impressed with it, I think one at least needs to stay with me for research purposes ;)

Its devine stuff I know you will love it, it feels so good :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I love this idea

KERRIE over at hipknits has started a club, its a project club, and I have joined I think she has done it on purpose, I just could not resist!! I love the idea of a project coming through every few months for me to complete and knit along with others, its also a little early birthday pressy to myself too. This year has been so manic, I love the thought of little pieces of pleasure coming through the post to make me happy every now and then dont you?

Oh I have been dyeing again, no piccies yet as I am going over to my mums to pinch her extra swanky camera to try and get some better pictures (any excuse to play with yarn and cameras) I should be able to put them up and also add them to the shop tomorrow night

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Day to sign up!!!

Well peeps, if you are interested in signing up to either of the clubs, I am closing sign ups today at midnight GMT time tonight, so get in there while its open ;)

I will I am sure do this again after this club is complete :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

More new colours

Heres some more lovelies that are just up in the shop