Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shoalwater FO pictures long overdue

Shoalwater has been complete and blocked for over a week, and has been worn almost everyday since. I love this, I think its my favourite big knit so far. This is down to the yarn used in a big way I think. The colours really do suit it and the yarn drapes nicely but its not too delicate either meaning I am not too scared to wear it often.

You can see the colours nicely in this first picture i think.

I wear it like this mostly when i am out, according to a young friend (thanks Heather) this is how the cool kids work a shawl, and as I was out shopping with her i had to make sure as not to be too uncool and old! I hope I managed to pull it off ;)

and here it is in all its watery glory! It blocked out to be a rather huge piece, it was really quite small and scrunched up. The other nice thing about this yarn is that it seems to hang on to the scent of whatever you wash it in, which is rather lovely and comforting when you are wearing it around your neck.

A special thank you and a round of applause to the budding pap too who is my four year old son Conor! Which is why I was crouching down, when I stood up most of the pictures looked black as he had to tilt the camera upwards to get me in. Didnt he do well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Introducing samples

I have a fair few smaller amounts of colourways at home and thought I would add them to the shop none of them are under 20g, which should be enough to get a pair of baby socks out of or a ipod cover or something and also gives people the chance to see what a colour is like.

Here are a few that are being added now:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun additions to the shop

There are some new additions going into the shop in the next hour, they will be on trial this month to see how they go and if they sell then I will make more! To match some of the markers I make, and also some that I just happen to like ;).

They are......

EARRINGS!!!!! I couldnt resist this little idea, they are such fun and just a bit of a bargain!! As you can see some match some of the stitch marker sets.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shoalwater success

This pattern was one of my first pattern buys, I loved it, I live in my jeans and this just looked perfect for wearing with them, I loved the colours and the stitch pattern. The whole thing had me so excited.

Now I have lost count of the amount of attempts I have made on this, all ending in tears and never getting past about row 60 I think. Maybe there was a reason for this, one I think I have found!

That reason must be that I was meant to wait to make it in woolmeise, colour Dani in dark, this is the 100% superwash merino, which comes in 150g skeins and with a fantastic yardage of 574yrds! Put that together with the lovely yarn base and the fabulous colourways and you have a dreamy yarn to knit with.

Here's a closer look at the pattern and the colour of course. I remember using browns and blues together a lot at art school and will never forget a tutor telling how very retro and brave that was, I always thought that was such an odd statement, even more so from a tutor whose field was textiles and colour theory but hey ho, I think they are the perfect combination!

This whole project fits in my piddleee bag, that and the yarn and the chocca notions pouch, I love that I can keep it all in one place as I am terrible for losing bits of projects!

and I love these markers that came with my pouch, they have my initials heehee!!!