Thursday, September 28, 2006

Birthday yarn!!!

Yay!!! I have my little paws on my Twilleys freedom spirit now and boy is it YUMMY!! I am knitting the beret from the freedom spirit pattern book, which is the best pattern book I have seen for quite some time, I know I will knit several things from it. The wool is a dream to knit and I love how it looks and feels. This should be finished tonight so photos hopefully of an FO tomorrow morning.

Monday, September 25, 2006


What is wrong with me!! I have suddenly ended up with several wips, and how do I feel...not in the least bit inclinded to do any of them. I have several pairs of socks (one pair are the swap ones so I really should be getting on with them) a pair of knucks for me which look good and a pair of mitts in some very yummy twilleys freedom spirit. I think its maybe a case of too much going on...also they are all easyish knits, I think I need to stretch the old brain a little but we go away on our hols in just over a week so I cant cast on anything big.

Tonight will be dedicated to much cursing and fowl mood while I force myself to finish a few things, maybe that will help.....then again.........

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pavi visit

Went to Pavi yarns in Alnwick today, the owners very kindly opened their home up to us for an open day despite having a rather shaky time off late and I want to say a huge thanks to them for that. It also meant I got to meet some of the people I speak to on the forum which was just great so nice to put names to faces and we have to do it again sometime. It was great meeting you all

Friday, September 15, 2006

safari so goodie

Here are a few FOs that have kept me entertained whilst I wait to replace my needles. The hat is from Jelly All Stars and youngest loves it, I think he looks really cute and cosy too!! Also a piccy of my black purl sock, blocked and the second one OTN coz I am pretty obessive and cast on right away.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Must be fate

Dont you think some things are just meant to be? Well I do and in this instance my black purl socks were simply meant to be on my feet before my holiday. I have been working hard on my swap socks knowing i wanted them completed and posted before I go away but feeling like a misery about not starting my socks. I got up at the weekend though to find one of my wee monsters had got hold of my sock and snapped a DPN! Little horror, so now they have to wait until saturday when I will replace them and while I wait I start my socks (yayayyay) one is complete and the second is well on its way, photos should be along in a day or two, the lornas laces is a lovely knit, I am developing an expensive habit!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sock swapping

How frustrating, I have something OTN that I am just ever so slightly proud of and I have to keep it hidden and secret! Myself and another lady on the forum are running a sock swap, so far it all looks to be going well and the people involved are enjoying it, myself included, I am actually tackling a pattern I have been bursting to make for me but kept messing up. Typically the fact that these are for somebody else they are going really well, hopefully this will mean I can make a me pair after ;). It does mean though that I am exclusively knitting these though and as my birthday squishy parcels roll in I am finding it very hard to resist temptation, but I must otherwise I am likely to make a mess! My twilleys freedom spirit book arrived though and its full of lovely patterns, plenty that I will most certainly make so only one thing for it I suppose. Bash on with socks so I can knit for me again!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This yarn will ruin me!!

Well the lion and lamb clapotis is done and is SO nice and cosy and a great colour I am in love!!!! Here are some progress piccies and some of me wearing it, its the most amazing stuff, so silky and soft and yet so woolly and warm too YUM I say ;)

I really do love this pattern, so much so I have some more ordered.......Project for now though is knucks
I love these fingerless gloves, I have always been a bit scared of trying fingerless gloves but they are not that hard to do and these seem to knit up quickly. I am using rowan felted tweed which is lovely colourwise and to the touch but I am getting ladders so I will be interested to see how the wool cotton will compare in that respect. Anybody care to share with ideas for what to write on me knucks ;)