Thursday, December 14, 2006

Endpapers round 2

Yes I am in love, they are my bestest friends, I love you endpaper mitts! This pair is for MEEEE I love how the colours have turned out, they look so rich and warm. They also fit better this time as I have used 2.5mm needles and the tension is far better.

Next projects are The Anemoi mittens (yarn and pattern already sorted) and also so rather lovely knit picks YES knit picks yarn arrived yesterday for a pair of Zimmermann norwegian mittens. i will have the most pampered hands and feet in the whole wide world with all these socks and mitts ;)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Secret knitting is so hard to do

As much as I adore knitting for family and good friends, I find it very very hard. I love to share progress and finished item pictures and to disscuss them with others, here opinions and laugh at any misshaps. This is why gift knitting is so hard, I have made a few items and cant show them just incase, some that I happen to be very proud of and if I have to hold it all in any longer I fear I may burst ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

There thats better, roll on christmas so I can photo spam my own blog.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Endpapers complete!

Actually they have been for a while...oh the shame, I am so lazy! I LOVE this pattern, I have plans for a few more pairs of these too, then perhaps Eunny's mitts that she has just posted up as a pattern to buy, they are lovely. Back to these mitts though, well what can I say, what a lovely intro into the world of colourwork, it is going to be the start of a long standing love affair I think.

Oh almost forgot to tell you.. I used Rowan 4ply soft to make mine, and 2.75mm needles, I felt they were a little loose so my next pair will be made on 2.5mm needles.