Sunday, December 16, 2007

New yarn bases on the way

Oh this is ever so exciting!! I have such exciting news for you guys!! I have some new yarn bases arriving I hope by the end of the week.

These will include a cashmere/silk lace and 4ply, a bamboo/silk 4ply/a cahsmere/alpaca/lambswool 4ply, a silk/alpaca aran weight....oooerrr and I am sure some others too

I will let you know when they are in, there will only be a kilo of each just now, if anybody wants a special dye order please let me know ahead of delivery and I can put some aside for you

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas is WHEN!!!!

Am I the only one to be so behind this year?? I cannot believe we are all but moments it seems, away from that big day. No cake made yet, still presents to buy, no tree up. I am normally well on my way to being completely ready, including mince pies made and stored....what is the matter this year? Is anybody else suffering from this too. I feel such a failure.....

I think part of the problem is that this year has been pretty full on for us really, the other half has a new job and is juggling full o six days a week work. I am working from home, that and eldst is getting that much older and of course my baby, he is now in nursery *sniff sniff..wimper* so thats three trips back and forward to school, ten min trip each way in the car SHHEEEEESHHHH.

So that has meant that somewhere in amongst this I am meant to have fitted in all the shopping and preps for christmas and although I am on my way its a slow process, and hardly any christmas knitting has been done. Knitting friends, you have been warned ;)

The shop also needs to be kept going, and I am, here are some new listings to wet your appetites, the yarn, Orchid is DEVINE, if youdont want it I might just run up a tree with it and not let it go!!!

Orchid in all its pretty beauty, this is merino tencel and has such a pretty sheen

These are smaller versions of the dice I sell, I love these, you get eight in a set and are perfect to use for smaller or lighter weight yarn projects

again, smaller wooden heads, aint they cool!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

new seller support

I introduce to you a new seller to esty and a personal friend of mine. She makes one of a kind pieces of jewelry which I am sure take a lot of work and creative talent, I have seen some of her pieces and they are really lovely. Husbands, if you are listening, what better present to get the Mrs than a piece of one off handmade jewelry ;)

The shop is Audrey Beads (click the name to take you there just like magic!!) As I say shes new to etsy so lets show her some support and encouragement, go have a snoop and a browse its worth it.

Here are some examples of her work:

Green turquoise heart bracelet

Tiger eye earrings ROARRRR

Monday, December 03, 2007

When life makes you glum, hope the postman cheers you up!

Phew what a couple of weeks we have had in the Middlearthknitter household, with sad times and also lots of poorly peeps. I am hoping that its all past us now and things will get cheery again in the run up to christmas. This past week has been a killer, first I get this flu bug thing with lots of shivery shakes and aches, then the ole tonsils chime in..nice, that passes and the kids get it and just as it all calmed down I pull a crown off a tooth YAY hehee thats all sorted now and apart from being super tired life is starting toget back to how it should be at this time of year, the kids are excited and school life is manic. My baby has a part in his school play, I am ever so proud of him, he has eighteen lines to learn and boy did that scare me but I tested him and he already knows all but about two of them off by heart, hes such a star and I am so so proud. Did I tell you just how proud I am ;)

Club yarns are being posted off this week, after that the clubs will take a lil break and return I am thinking in February to allow me to decompress after the holidays and get bak into the swing of it all again.

Its almost like the postie knew I was glum though as I have recieved two lovely parcels, both etsy buys and both rather special!

First up is a very very special stitch marker bought from the lovely Aija of Sock Pron and zero marker fame! This is so pretty and unusual, its a skeleton leaf dipped in silver, it is very striking and I am amazed at how sturdy this pretty little thing is. I will use it as a marker for now but I also think that I will look for a fastening to make it into a pin or shawl pin, suggestions and ideas for this most welcome.

next up is something very new to me, I have seen many people buying or spinning handspun sock yarn. I have always been curious to know how it differs from commercial yarns and while browsing etsy I stumbled upon this lil gem. Its 350yrds of handspun superwash sock yarn in a very pretty colour from knitting pretty who is a really lovely seller, very willing to answer my rookie questions so thank you for that! More pictures will be sure to follow once I cake this up and cast on, which I am pretty sure will be tonight!