Monday, July 31, 2006

Amazing really

Much to my amazement, I actually did get a fair bit of knitting done yesterday!! I am really motoring on with clapotis now, have dropped three lots of sts and got so over excitied...easy pleased I am. How I managed to fit it in I really dont know though. I had a call in the morning from my dad saying he was bringing my granny up to visit, so I madly ran around tidying the pit that is my home. They visited for a while...then another call...mum and new man were coming up!!! When they left yes you guessed ANOTHER call, this time it was my lil bro coming up to visit, so its little wonder I was buzzing later as I drank so much coffee!!!! It was great to see them all though even though it was also great to see them all go home too ;)

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well at the grand old hour of 8am I am already at my wits end with my darling children who are at this moment ripping pieces off each other, whoever the genius who decided summer holls should be 6+ weeks long this is a message to say right now I HATE YOU!! LOL Hubby has already said on his next day off I can go off for the day bless his heart he is such a sweetheart and it really is much needed. Otherwise I may just run away and join the circus.

On a knitty note if I can get any peace today which is doubtfull I will be cracking on with clapotis, I have finished the first set of repeats and I am ready to start the straight section. I love it already!!

Also here is a link to Clapotis and to Hedera OOOH thanks Aunty noo I feel all clever and posh now ;)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My of the moment projects

Righto I may as well start as I mean to continue SOOOO here are two things I am working on right now, one is Hedera and its a lovely pattern, rather interesting large heel flap but there must be a reason why, and the second is Clapotis, not something I ever thought I would make!! One of the members of AY forum knit Clapotis in SWT bamboo and it just look scrummy so thanks to a truelly heavenly angel (you know who you are) I now have three balls of SWT 100% soy silk in purplexed and a lovely pair of brittany burch needles to make it. These are my first posh needles and what can I say I am in love...the first of many I hope.

Ohh the shame

Hello peoples of blog world....oh the shame, I cannot believe I have left this place to languish for so long!! In my defence I had a major problem with my puter a while ago making pretty much everything impossible. But all sorted and I now want to get back to posting here properly again, I have knitty goodies to show off afterall!!