Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Palooza yarn and pattern choosen.

At last, I have settled on a pattern and yarn I am make that rather excited about to be honest!!

I have chosen Roza's Socks by grumperina and in the spring 07 issue of Interweaveknits. Its a lovely looking pattern, I havent knit it yet but I am better to choose one I havent already tackled or I could get bored and stop which for a swap would be nothing short of a disaster!

The yarn is some of my own handyed yarn from my shop, I did consider a lot of other yarns but when I wound this skien it just scream out for me to knit it up and I am very pleased I will be using it for my pals socks. It makes them feel all the more personal I think and the colour will really suit the pattern as its not quite solid.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A giveaway and another club

I am feeling chipper today, knitting is going well, and I have some yummy yarns on order that I think you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I really want to get the club up to at least ten people, nearer twenty if I can help it, sooo as a little incentive I will do a draw and give one lucky club member a skien of free yarn, custom dyed. I will do this once we reach that magic no10 and if we get to 20 I will giveaway two skiens to two people!! So come on guys, spread the word, tell your friends. :)

Also I am going to run a lace club, 5 places for now to see how it goes with the promise of more next time, again it will run for 3mnths at a price of £45, which will include your postage again meaning free postage ANYWHERE in the world!! You will recieve 100g with 1200mtrs of BFL yummy yummy laceweight, in either solid or variagated colours. I will run this along side the sock club so sign ups will go up now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Places going fast

EEEKKK I am so thrilled people are joining, five places gone with a potential two more waiting till they can join, get in there fols while the getting is good. I am already thinking up colours and if you sign up I have some cool goodies lined up to go with your yarn, you wont be dissapointed I promise!!!

On other news, I recieved an ace SS parcel through the AY swap...just LOOK

I have started the queen of the waves shawl with it YUMMY

also yes, yes I know, I am about three squillion years behind but BEHOLD THE PRRETTYYY JAYWALKER. This opal dr fish was so made for jaywalkers dont you agree? It just works...nuff said!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Right folks I have decided to bite the bullet and give this a go.

Here are the details:

I will open up payments today in my etsy shop, once you have paid I will take note of address and keep them saved. I will leave the sign ups open for two weeks and there will be 20spaces so to ensure a place i would sign up asap!!

The club will run for 3 months you will recieve 100g skien each of these months starting on the 21st of june and being sent on the 21st each of the three months.

You will recieve a solid, a mix and a stripe, one of these for each of the months, not telling which first as thats half the fun ;) and there will be a wee pressy in each package too!!

Price will be £32 which will include your postage so really your not paying anything towards postage ;)


Monday, May 21, 2007

whos in for a sock club?

I am considering running a sock club. To make it manageable for myself I will have ten places up for grabs and it will run for three months with the chance of running it again if it goes well. I am also considering a possible mix of yarns, sock yarn (wool nylon mix), BFL superwash and merino.

If I get ten people interested I will look at getting ready for it and let you know dates etc once I know you want to join.

The colours will be firsts, I am thinking on self stripe, one mix and one solid.

The price will be a one off payment of £32 nd that includes your postage and a possible extra in with your package ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

HUGE update to shop

PHEW!! that took me ages, I spent all day yesterday doing my hubble bubble routine and I have added lots to the shop, some are colours I have sold before and know you love, others are new. Heres some of the new ones.

I love the foamy seas one, I think it would make a very pretty shawl, perfect for the likes of queen of the waves I think, or shoalwater. Dont you agree?

Monday, May 14, 2007

ok you yarn hungry lot

here they are, hope you like them. I am hopefully getting some new yarns soon too to get you VERY excited, thats if I can bare to part with any of them MAHAHAHHAHAAA

Friday, May 11, 2007

Big shop update tomorrow

I have spent almost all day dyeing yarn, tomorrow I will add it to the shop and of course piccies here too ;)

Theres some you will recognise and some new beauties, I am having so much fun with this to be honest, watching the colours change from something that scares me a little at first to a pretty skien I would happily keep for myself really rocks my world!

Now I know knitting wise things have seemed quiet, but honestly, they arent...truelly. See the thing is...well I am now designing. Heres a peep at one of the pretties I have completed, patterns will be available soon and I will let you know where and how nearer the time.


Monday, May 07, 2007

New Stripes Yarn!!

Anybody for toast and marmalade, this yarn has turned out good enough to eat YUMMY!!!! Its self stripe like the one Bronte bought, but this is just the two colours so should be thicker blocks of colour. Its so sunny and cheerfull its really brightened up my day!

Friday, May 04, 2007

get ready to beach party

whhhhheeee two more yarns!! Called beach ball and socks on the beach I love them! Can I keep them....hubby says no :( But you can have it, and maybe just send me the odd postcard from them ;)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Yarns x2

What!!!! Two blog posts in one the wizzy sick....nope but I am on a roll! So here are two more yarns just about to go up in the shop, do you likey these babies, I do.

New yarns

I have had my staff and wand in the dye pot again, and have come up with three colours that I hope you will like, the Teal, purple and black one is SELF STRIPING I am very excited about that!!! The others are just a mix, but I think they are very pretty and a bit fresher for summer.

They will be in the shop a little later in the week.