Thursday, August 30, 2007

socks, simply!

I have had so much on lately that the knitting chez wizzy is rather thin on the ground, socks however are always a good project, and simple socks, all the better!

I took part in a swap with fellow etsian, Jane (her shops in my list, see jane knit) I got a skien that I thought would be very me, an well it is, lovely teals and blues, so pretty and perfect with my jeans.

these are as you can see, just plain socks, makes for boring piccies i suppose but the yarn is lovely, the colours are very pretty and they are great socks. They are not made from a set pattern, its a memorised mix of all my favourite (so far) sock bits, plain rib, simple stocking stitch pattern, and a garter gusset, I dont need a pattern and can do these at my leasure. That to me is knitter heaven! yes I like a complex project but that has its place and right now, socks are what my brain needs!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Presenting PRESENTS!

Here are the pressies I promised to show off, I was very spoiled this year!

Tess sent yarn and goodies, most of which are in use already!

My fabby friend Bronte sent me a great hat, she already posted a piccy of it being worn by me so I wont make you look at that again ;)

My second piddlee bag came (link to her shop to your right, one to her blog too!) its just too cool for words! She sent some lovely happy birthday extras too, shes such a sweetie!

A good faerie who goes by the name of Nuff sent me a phone cover and charm with my best friend on it, I dont know how she got a picture of him!

I also got in the post a copy of More sensational knitted socks from Kai, thanks honey its great, and my copy of Favourite socks came too. Now all I need is for amazon to get a wriggle on and post the books I ordered and I will be a happy wiz.

Check out the shop this week guys, just keep checking as there are new yarns etc going in daily

Monday, August 27, 2007

shop update and birthday news

Well I know the shops been quieter update wise, the reason being I have been waiting for new yarns to come in, I have had one arrive and two more due very soon. I have recieved an order of lace merino that has an amazing yardage and feels devinely soft and some superwash merino that did look too exciting undyed but takes the dye very nicely and blooms to become soft and smooshy and yet hardwearing, I really love it!

heres some of the yarns going in today and I will be hopefully updating all week

more of the capn ;) and a new colour called zebra crossing thats really quite striking

and lace too this is Eternal sunshine which is exactly what it says, a nice warm yellow.

Also it was my birthday on the 21st and I have been wanting to post about my lovely pressies that my friends have sent but blogger was throwing a fit and wouldnt let me post pictures, then I gave up for a day or two in annoyance. I will post in an hour or two with lots of pictures of the great stuff I was given. But I will say a huge thanks to Bronte, Fairynuff and Tess now thanks girls I love it all! Theres other stuff on its way too I have been spoiled rotten this year!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Club announcement! A slight delay

Theres perhaps going to be a slight delay on the yarn this month, its taking its own sweet time to dry, but it will hopefully all be ready by tomorrow or wednesday, i should think I should be able to post it tomorrow afternoon. Sorry girls, this yarn took a lot longer to prepare and dye this time....can you guess why ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Piddleee bag set one arrived

Wow! How swift was that, I love it, its just as I had imagined it, I think a lot of thats down to the descriptions on the scok pron blog, I got a grommet, which is going to be great when knitting in the car, no more chasing yarn and needles around the seat! The notions bag is a great size, I got my markers, scissors in there, and still room for other stuff too! I love the little extras, the badges are such a nice touch, the kids are already fighting over them heehee! the stitch markers on the bags are so nice and match the bags exactly. Now I may be a complete geek but apart from the fab fabric my favourite bit has to be the little strip of elastic to hold my needles I will b using for any project in there so they dont get lost, its a simple but very clever idea!

Now for the piccies:
The capn approves!

More cheese grommit? or a thread of yarn is perhaps more your taste!

How clever can one piece of elastic be....oh and no way are the kids having my sheepy badge ITS MINE!

A full frontal OH LALAL! isnt the pattern the bees knees, thats the notion bag at the bottom there.....ahh who am I kidding, notion coming up ;)

prepare for a few of these posts, probs very boring for you guys but I havent had a knitting bag before and I am a tad excited.....but that could have been a bit obvious.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun new additions to the shop

I have started to offer stitch markers in the shop and this morning I got a lovely package of fun and funky new beads. Rubber spikes and dice! There are some listed already and I will add more and more, here are a few images, also there are only black and white dice in the shop just now and I put up five but think I will offer six fr the same price (will edit the listing asap) but if you would like any of the other colours let me know.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunny solids

I am adding to the shop today and over the next few days, todays listings will be below, as you will see they are mainly solids. I havent dyed any solids in a while and I have enjoyed it, I am down to my last few nekkid skiens until my next order is ready. There will be more solids over the next few days in nice brights. With all the bad weather I feel these are just what the doctor ordered to cheer us up and start to gear up for autumn too!

This is buttercup, nice and sunny.


Finally, this is ABYSS, other half thinks thats what it looks like, its always good to humour him now and then ;)

Monday, August 13, 2007


With the blessing of a certain miss Sock Pron, I hereby by declare mondays to be my etsy day, I will endevour to share my best pics with you each week....many being buys *ahem*

This week, lets talk bags.

firstly, this is my birthday pressy to me! Its a bag set from the seller PIDDLEDEE who is a total sweety! I have really enjoyed talking to her and sorting my order(s) shhh ;)

I ordered it complete with grommet and a dpn wallet too, I cannot wait for it to arrive, when it does I promise many many piccies. I pinched this from the shop but saved it to my puter, Jen if you would rather I didnt let me know and I will remove it x

oooh I may have bought this one too which should be here any day!

Next up, I also bought some from MOMMAMONKEY, these bags look fab, they are on their way and I hope to show you lots of piccies and have you all bored to tears!

I got ones of these, plus a custom tote to match it

and one of these too

anybody spot the theme :P

these sellers both have a wide range of prints to suit all tastes I dont think you would be dissapointed to own one

my socks arrived!!!

They are lovely!!!! They are made in cygnet yarn, one I havent tried yet, and a lovely plummy colour. They have a pretty cable up the back, please excuse the bad photography for that, but its not easy taking a picture of the back of your own foot unless your a yoga expert perhaps. The toes had me very interested too, I tend to be on the boring side and use the same technique over and over for toes. These socks have shaping on one side so my socks actually have a left and right!!

They are from the lovely sarah at She was a complete sweetheart throughthe whole swap, stayed in touch and asked lots and lots of questions too. Thanks sarah and please stay in touch I have loved chatting with you xxx

I will have more news later on today including an esty monday and updates to the shop.

Monday, August 06, 2007

LIL sale on

I am reducing the lace thats been sitting in the shop for ags all unloved and unwanted and yet so so pretty :(

please consider giving one of this poor yarns a home ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

WOW! going fast

wow! Down to ten places now!!! A lot of you are new members too which is very exciting, best get in there fast though current members as they are going fast ;)

The Captain jack went fast too so take heart, I dyed three more for you all, its a great colour, I think really quite different i am sure you will like it.

Dont forget about the lace club either guys, still no takers yet...poor unloved lace, I am thinking I will stick with semi solids for that.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Two new colours!! and club talk

I am so excited by these colours, as a few of you will be all too aware I am a tad priate mad *ahem* an after yet another marathon POC watch I decided a couple of colours in the theme of my favourite characters would be a fun idea!! So here are Captain Jack and Davy Jones!

Captain Jack: I have tried to put in a few colours that would make you think of him, black for his eyeliner, brown for his hat and coat, purple for the ring he wears and a gold tooth, not forgeting the all important red for his bandana!

Marine greens mixed with a bit of brown and yellow and you have the colours to make you think of the tentacled face of Davy Jones!

Now club thoughts, I know we still have one yarn left in the current run, I will be dyeing it over the next few days, can you believe how fast its gone by, I cant.

Just a reminder the openings for next round are open, there are 13 places left and it will be open until the end of this month. I have been thinking about this next run and as well as some new yarn, I am thinking that I will go with a theme for the yarns, this time I think I will go for a Lord of the rings theme, more on that when i am completely decided, but rest assured the colours will appeal to everybody, not just Lord of the rings fans, I promise, but they will all have names related to this subject.