Thursday, February 22, 2007

MMMM more dyeing

My chumley Bronte asked if I could dye her some yarn, now what kind of frind would I be to say no ;). I was so excited to do this for her, and its such an utter joy to do. She wanted some solid purple and solid green. Good choice I think ;)

So once all the kit arrived I got started and I have to say I think it look rather gorgeous!!!! I do hope she likes it.
and a close up for complete drool effect.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Etsy Shop

Ok peeps that seems a good response so far, enough to make me feel it should be worth it so my etsy shop is now open. It has two skiens of sock yarn I dyed to maybe sell a while ago and i will add more once i have seen some sell. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Here is the link for now until I can enlist some help to add a proper link in my sidebar.

My yarns!!



I am considering starting to dye to sell, I will be doing sock and lace weight yarn, 350m and 1200m respectavly, I would be looking at roughly £10 for 100g of either (not stay fast price) and i would be doing solids and variagated.
They would be unique one off dyes mainly or requests.

Please if any of you would be interested please leave a comment, if I feel there is enough interest I would be willing to start doing this.

This is something I am really keen to try so please I would love to hear from you

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me socks by Bronte

Here are a complete pair of me socks, made by me from the pattern created by my lovely friend Bronte!!! It is such a pretty pattern and I feel so honoured to have a pattern named after me, I spent DAYS blushing heehee. This girl has a real talent so look out for her taking over the world soon.

The yarn is fyberspates yarn, lovely colours, makes me think of peach jelly sweeties which funnily enough arent that different a shape to the cute heart shapes in the pattern.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pretty yarn!

The yarn is almost dry so I couldnt resist taking a few picies, I think the close up shows he colour closest but not identical to it in the flesh.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hubble Bubble Dye and Dabble

I bought some lovely soft cobweb lace weight, 200g and at least 2400yrds of it. Heaven in two skiens that is!!

I bought this with the purpose of dyeing it and I thats exactly what I have spent my evening doing! I had a rather precious packet of Teal coloured Ashford dye.

Firstly the yarn needed to be soaked so into a bowl with some warm water and a little of the soapy stuff while I prepared the rest.

Then I mixed one teaspoon of the dye powder with enough water to form a paste, once it was mixed i added more water until the powder dissolved. I dont have a pot that I can leave purely for dyeing so I had to improvise a little and use the bowl over a pan. I filled a bowl with enough water to cover the yarn, and to this i added the dye mixture, and two tablespoons of vinegar to fix the colour. Lastly I popped the yarn in with it and gradually brought the pan of water up to a quiet simmer. The yarn had to simmer for about 30-40mins.

Once this was done then I lifed it off to allow it too cool and once cool it was lifted out and rinsed and hung to dry.
I will take pictures of the finished item tomorrow in daylight to show just how beautiful and jewel like it really is!!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

wooly worshop big hit

Well my sunday last week was taken up with helping out at a woolly workshop run by Lindsay, shes a complete sweetheart and I am so grateful to her for allowing me to be invloved in this. To say it gives me a buzz doesnt even begin to explain it. This is the second workshop and we covered crochet, felted embelishments, and knitting cast ons, amongst other things. Its a very relaxed affair and people can either sit and learn or carry on with other bits from the day and we all bring in finished projects to look at and drool on!!

From a personal point of view this opertunity has really boosted my flagging confidence and made me feel that actually, I can do something productive with my rather obsesive crafting habits!!

here are a few pictures of the girls hard at work, and I tell you, at this point you could have heard a pin drop.