Saturday, July 28, 2007

socks...... shoes......what more could a girl want

Today is a very sleepy saturday, the bog man of the house is off running at Airth highland games, and I am home with the tiddlers, they have been out enjoying the first proper bit of sunshine we have had in weeks, I have washing out and cut the grass (also called jungle). It was a scary experience with various types of wildlife trying to commit the unthinkable with the help of the lawnmower. There are frogs EVERYWHERE which I find amazing as we are miles and miles from the nearest pond. Maybe they are living in our water supply which is a private spring....MMMM yummy frog water.

Anyway, as my paloozza socks are complete that leaves my sock needles empty GASP which is not on, so I have done what any self respecting sock nutter would and cast on a new pair. The yarn is devine, its from a friend and fellow yarn dyer who lives in Canada, her yarns are so pretty, she can be found on etsy HERE.

We swapped a few months back and i sent her some yarn too, swapping like that is so much fun it really is, well the yarn was sent surface so took a little while to arrive which was no big deal at all and added to the excitement anyway! It arrived yesterday so I cast on last night. Its 100% merino and very lovely, like lornas laces, the colours are so very me, greens, blues and deep plummy browns. So pretty!! Take a look......

I dont expect these to be on the needles long at all!

I also treated myself to some new shoes yesterday, they were a bargain and just too fabby to pass up! Captain Jack eat your heart out!!

I am also waiting for some very special buys from Monkey Toes, again another etsy seller, she makes bags and I may *ahem* have ordered THREE! They look fantastic and I cant wait for them to arrive. Royal mail is patchy at the moment to say the least which makes waiting so much worse, I have only had post twice this week when i know there are things on the way. I do feel sorry for the postmen and understand their reasons for the strikes, I just wish they were more exact about when they are not delivering, it take the stress off a little ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pal sock complete!

Yay, I actually finished these yesterday but all the men in my household have been poorly, the littlies and the big un so I have been mopping brows and passing round the basin...nice!

I am very pleased with these socks now, I just need to block the second sock. Now I know a lot of people think...block socks, you have a bolt missing somewhere Mrs! But really, what a difference it makes, see picture below. Cant you see just how much it opens up the pattern? If they were for me, granted I might not bother but these are a gift and I think if giving a gift make sure it looks its absolute best!

I still want to organise a few goodies and package these up nicely but I am getting very very excited about posting these off now!

Pal I hope you love your socks when they arrive. xx

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yarn news, shop update

Some more yans have gone in, some nice brights to cheer up the gloomy days we are all having and some DK which is so so soft and squishy its really lovely!!

ARWENS CLOAK: you know the lovely outfit she wears thats almost translucent? As soon as I saw this colourway I thought of that very outfit, so pretty.

PINKY AND PERKY: This is such a fun shaded colour of hot pink, theres a little bit of violet on there that wasnt meant, so I have reduced this one, its a very subtle mark and wont affect the yarn too much at all.

RASPBERRY RIPPLE CHOC: nuff said really ;)

MAGNIFICENT OZ: come on sing up folks!! "we are off to see the wizard............."

IMPERIAL ROBES: This is the DK, so so soft and will be lovely knit up, it would be lovely used for kids knits...or adults for that, theres four of the same dyelot and 225yrds per 100g

This yarn has been kettle dyed so they are all the same dyelot BUT each skein is unique in its mottled affect of dark and light, when working with it I would recomend knitting with two skeins knit alternatly every few rows.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Socks almost complete!

I have nearly finished my pals socks and i am so pleased with them! Yes I know its ANOTHER change of pattern, this time its my own pattern, a very scottish stitch pattern too ;) quite often used in shetland lace. The yarn is handyed by me, its 100% merino and lovely and cool feeling.

I am getting quite excited now, its so close to the end and soon these will need to be packaged up and posted off, I cant wait! I am going to put in some extras for my pal too I think but havent decided what as yet.

Heres a picture of the lace in more detail too, I think its a very pretty pattern. I hope my pal likes these socks.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yarns revisited

I have listed more of bubblegum and Mash which proved popular :) they are up in the shop now, two of each. Heres some piccies to remind you ;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Clubs open for sign ups!!!

As the first run has gone so well I am re-opening the clubs again for sign ups!

The club will run for three months again with one skien sent each month, starting with the first being sent on sept 21st and then next on Oct 21st and last Nov 21st. It will be the same as this run BUT with some new yarns that I am certain you are going to love.

Sign ups will be open as of....welll as soon as I can put it live in the shop and will remain open until august 31st or when all places are filled.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Club yarn no2!

Ohh are you all ready, I think your going to love this yarn! I am really pleased with the colour of it. I am posting out the international ones today or tomorrow and then it will soon be time to post the rest!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pattern flattery and palooza change of plan!

The clever Diane has created a lovely sock pattern called Latte socks seen here Latte Socks

they are so pretty and she has used my yarn which I am so flattered by!!

looking at the piccy has made a descision for me too, I havent been enjoying my choice for my palooza socks so I am going to frog them and make these instead, they are so pretty! I have a skien of the choccy colour too so I will start again tonight.

Bumper goodies!!

As promised here are the goodies that I will be adding today....starting NOW!



Mash (confused.....alll will be explained in the shop description ;) )

Foamy Seas...DK version which is so squishy soft and I have dyed enough for a shawl, adult tank top or similar or kids garment!

Beach brolly

Punkt!! I love this variation on the goth one, with a cool purple swapped for the pink

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Warm weather means......

HUGE amounts of yarn dyed! I have dyed all the club yarns and I think you girls will adore it, I think is stunning! Along with that i have dyed a huge batch for the shop, some will go in tonight and then there will be a big update tomorrow with the rest.

heres are tonights batch:

Coffee creme

Bitter Choc

Ring Wraith

Miss Goth (this is a piccy of Not just goth until I can get a piccy of the Miss in daylight, its same colours but wider blocks of colour)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

more goodies

I have the dye mojo so I will be adding more today here are a few more, seeing as NOT JUST GOTH is so popular, one of those is going in, plus a variation on it I am calling Ms GOTH and also a colour called Sweetness....and it is!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shop update and new spiffy labels

I havent put anything new up for a little while so I thought I would choose the day my net connection is rubbish and do it :P hahaha
I am adding them now so keep an eye out over the next hour for the colours I will list in piccy form here in a bit.
I also wanted to show you my new labels and also spiffy little tags that will be put in with your order from now on, they are very pretty and on the back they will have all the details about your yarn that you need and also details of the shop too!
Right now for the good bit PHOTOS

cocoa dream sport weight merino

Hobbiton Garden

So Jaded

Not Just Goths

Lavender Fields

New tags I love them!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Animal pics and more woolly tales

As promised here are the other woolfest piccies. I saw alpaca, llama, sheepies and cute angora are they fluffy!!

looks its a slipper with ears!! I would hate to have to try and keep this bunny clean and knot free.
Its a llama, I think they are prettier than the alpaca, lovely markings.

Now, for the alpaca, cute with a huge does of cheeky misschief in their faces, you just know they are up to something!

I wanted to mention some of the other stalls too, I had a good browse of the Natura dye studio, their yarns are so lovely but too pale for me, maybe if I have some gift knitting to do I will give in and get some.

I also visited the Yarn Yard, they were mobbed, so many people there all day on saturday so nice to see a man in a kilt too, nice to see he was keeping the side up and a kilt never does the curiousity factor any harm ;)

I also had a snoop at Brightdyes, again she was so so busy it was hard to get in for a proper squeeze!!

Next to her was Celdry Yarner, she had some ace original stuff, the felted soaps were such a cool idea.

all in all, I had a fabby day, I will deffo be back, the day left me feeling so pleased to see so many aspects of crafts there, no two stalls were the same and there was a vast diversity of products, a great example of just how much choice there is out there!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Woolfest visit

Yesterday was an exciting day for two reasons
1. A whole day not being mummy and going out as a growed up
I dont know what I expected but it was an amazing day it was larger I think than I thought it would be, and there were so many people including a very decent amount of men which always makes me feel pleased to see so many men at an event so stereotyped as a female obsession, the majority of spinners I saw on the day were men.
I aslo got to meet Jenn from fyberspates, shes so nice and boy was she busy but she still made time to stop for a we chat which was lovely. Her yarns are amazing, I was very good though and bought a bit of her squishy DK in a pretty purple shade it YUM!

I also got to meet Mr Bluefaced, Andy, again what a great person to stop and chat to, he was very friendly and was more than happy to chat about the yarns he has and the processes they need to go through which are amazing and take a long time, understandably when you here just what needs to be done to turn that sheepies coat into something knittable ;)

Also amongst the knitty stalls there were some amazing sites, these dress were felted but so so delicate and there were signs saying dont touch as we may get damaged...TORTURE!! They just look so tactile but I took a piccy to make myself feel better...they are truelly stunning.

and lastly for today there were knitted knick knocks!!! Too funny and cute to leave out, arent they fab!

I will post some animal piccies tomorrow!