Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knit Eunny's mitts

I am very very excited about my current project...sorry hotpants but I now love another. They are these mitts which are simply the most beautiful mitts I have ever seen! Now I have never ever tried two colour work, but without a thought or even a care in the world I ordered some 4ply soft ( a wonderful sub for the yarn used) and cast on. So far so good, its a learning experience but one that I am so pleased with and enjoy so much. Here is progress so far, at time of picture I was one repeat in.

There will be a lot of progress pictures over the next few days as I want to keep a record of this milestone project.

Friday, November 17, 2006

HOTPINK hotpants for a sexy ducker

What can I say...this is my favourite project in the friend BERTIE has been in need of some sexy gear to wear for ages. After witnessing many heartfelt pleas for hotpants and then a very sad duck when these pleas went un-noticed I felt it was my duty to step in and make a pair. So I did, they are HOT pink, with a pretty gold B on the back. I am so proud!

Here is my duck modeling before I posted them to my friend.....I wish you many happy hours with your hotpants Bertie xx

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Little brothers Blue hills hat

My little brother has hinted at wanting some handknits for a while, I said long as you pay for the yarn!! So last week he handed mesome pennies and being a good sister I bought the yarn needed to make two sets of knucks, a SWELL hat and a BLUE HILLS hat. As soon asthe yarn arrived I couldnt wait to get started, all the yarns were new to me so I had to try them. I have finished blue hills and I am pleased to report he seems to like it!! Thank goodness....he is even talking about buyingmore yarn.

Here is a picture of the happy brother in his new hat

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The kindness of a forum friend

I ran a sock swap on the forum, which finished a couple of weeks back. I did enjoy it but it did have its stressfull moments, and one pair of socks is still to be sent after the swapper in question decided she couldnt be bothered!! I have a donated pair awaiting posting along with a couple of extras for the very patient and understanding recipient.
Back to the purpose of this post though. One of the members, Jadeandchrissy was a complete sweetheart and sent me a message of thanks and also a squishy package. So this is a public thanks for your kindness as you didnt have to but it was lovely of you and the squishy stuff is beautiful as can be seen from the photo....I have already cast on and they are going to be very pretty socks indeed!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Zimmermania first entry

Its a proud momenta first entry on a here is mine :-D

Here it is I feel so proud!! I think I might be able to squeeze a second Ganomy out of the Skein of Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted Charcoal, if not an adult then a toddler one. I used a US size 9 needle. I followed the pattern almost to the letter until I reached approx 40sts and then I decreased every row. Its still needs a little tweaking but I am pleased with it and so is hubby so thats a first.