Sunday, March 25, 2007

eunny has shamed me into it!!!

In the nicest possible way of course. As eunny says on her blog, I tagged her around christmas time for the six weird things that was doing the rounds. Now yes I did tag people but I had TERRIBLE grumpy blogger probs and I attempted to post mine at least five times and gave in as it was just too soul destroying to keep trying.....then laziness set in and I forgot about it. However eunny has posted and named me soooo I best get into the spirit of it and write up six weird things about me!!!

1. John says I stick my tongue out when he offers me a taste of his in I open my mouth to take the food but I have my tongue sticking out a little...I thought everybody did that!!

2. I am a lefty...but I only write left handed, I can play tennis with both hands (much to the annoyance of my grammar school pe teacher who hated me swapping hands HEEHEE).

3. When I wash the dishes I have to put the clean cutlery into there own sections..spoons, forks and knives all have there own.

4. I cant have my feet sticking out of the covers at night...I am a grown women and yet it makes me feel vulnerable to the "under the bed monster" seriously I dont think I am ever going to grow out of that!!!

5. I live in a very traditional scottish area, with a very thick accent, my dad was born and bred here and yet I dont hae the accent!! People always assume I come from the very north of scotland and I dont.

6. To some, the fact I am 26 and knit is something me its not but to most it really is ;)

I actually feel so much better for writing this!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Green Gables FO

As promised, here is Green gables all complete and ready to send off to its new home, turns out I am a very odd shape, 38" bust but 32" ribs *rolls eyes* so a medium is far too big for me in los of places. Kai has sent me new yarn to do m own and I think I will need to do a small and edit it to fit me better!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shop Update and knitty news

Here are some new items that are now in the shop and available to buy, I am so proud of them!!

I love the two sock yarns, the blue one reminds me of a CTH yarn that I think is no more.

Just incase you think though that my knitting mojo has been stolen and locked away i am still knitting and should have an FO to show you later on today.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here are two colours hot off the hob! They are both custom dyes, however the red isnt what i had planned really so MAY go in the shop as the person was looking for a maroon and this is very RED *rolls eyes*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New pretties in waiting

Its an exciting day! My lace arrived, and so did my niddy noddy, I am all set now to start dyeing up some orders and also for in the exciting! I am just waiting for some more colours then I am completely set!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


could anybody looking to buy some dyed laceweight let me know, as this will be my first order I need to show the nervous man of the house that I have orders before I put an order in for the undyed laceweight *rolls eyes* ;) you know men!!! So to ease his nerves can anybody planning an order please let me know and also the colour they would like an also the amount of yarn.

Laceweight will be £14 dyed for you and i think aprox £1.50 postage, postage will of course be combined on bigger orders.